X-Paddle Style Wood Large Blade SUP Paddle

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X-Paddle Style Wood - Large 9 1/2" Wood Blade

A delight to the senses.  Traditional looking wood SUP paddle with great performance and remarkable light weight.  Two blade sizes are available.  This large blade (555mm *235mm) profile is great for those paddlers who prefer better catch & drive with a slower cadence.  The smaller blade (482mm * 210mm) normally favoured by lighter riders is a beautiful high performance paddle.

Supplied with a wooden T-Handle, the shaft can be cut to length & the handle bonded in place.  We cannot refund this item once it has been cut and glued.

Paddle length 84.5 inches

Weight uncut - Large blade 820g

Due to the nature of the materials the full wood X-Paddles are not recommended for heavy riders or for use in big surf. 

These paddles have some small slight blemishes - hence the price

Shipping to mainland UK destinations only