X-Paddle Petite Paddle

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X-Paddle Petite Paddle

The ‘Petite Series’ features a completely new blade, shaft and handle for 2016 onwards.

The ‘Petite’ is the latest in a line of paddles aimed at smaller and lighter riders, which started with our Junior Range in 2011, but we had to change factories and develop a completely new set of components to achieve our goal of producing an outstanding range of paddles suited to all smaller and lighter riders of between 3’8” to 5’6” and <50Kg.

 The new 7” wide blade is available in a Blue 3K Glass finish for the Petite Life, Red 3K Glass finish for the Petite Cruise and Carbon 3K for the Petite Glide, all with an ABS blade Edge.

The New26mm diameter shaft is 40% Carbon on Petite Life and 70% Carbon on the Petite Cruise and Glide, while all have a Small 100% 3K Carbon Handle (something you will find on very few other brands, regardless of price).  The Blade, Carbon Shaft and Handle have a Gloss finish. The Petite is only available as adjustable, with a Matt finish sliding shaft which has contrasting White calibration from 54” to 76”

These paddles are aimed at all levels/styles of smaller and lighter riders, who are looking looking for a great paddle aimed at their needs, delivering  a light and crisp overall feel, with lovely all round and very comfortable performance!

Our 40% Carbon/60% Glass 26mm on the Petite Life is a ‘medium to fast return’ shaft, which gives a slightly softer more relaxed feel than the  70% Carbon/30% Glass shaft found on the Petite Cruise with the same blade construction.

The Petite Cruise has our 70% Carbon/30% Glass 26mm ‘fast return shaft’ with the  Glass blade, so is stiffer than the Life, but has  has a slightly softer feel than the Petite Glide, which has a 3K Carbon Blade, making this the stiffest and most responsive in the Petite range - this performance profile is designed to suit all lighter riders from beginner to experienced, whom we believe will all love the way these shaft and blade combinations deliver good performance with considerable comfort, even over very long distances.

The ‘Petite Series’ encourages good technique and rider engagement with a nice dynamic feel, while still having the right flex characteristics to reduce the risk of strain, fatigue or even injury for all paddlers, especially those who are not regular paddlers, who will really benefit from a paddle which will not let them overstrain their bodies as easily as a higher performance model.

The 7” wide blade is aimed at all round use, so is fine for wave/ flat water/coastal performance, with very uniform steering feel due to the relatively flat blade face.

Of special note should be our desire to accommodate as many riders as possible, so the Petite series adjusts to suit riders from 3’8” to 5’6”  (working on +10”/250mm over rider height) meaning that they comfortably overlap our standard adjustable range which covers riders from 5’ to 7’ 

’SNAP LOCK’ model with Small Palm Grip 3K Carbon Handle - 1370mm/54” to 1929mm/76”

Blade width - 180mm/7.09”

Blade Areas - approx. 71.9 Sq”/464cm2

Blade Angle - 10°

Weight Life 2pc - approx. 540g

Weight Cruise 2pc - approx. 500g

Weight Glide 2pc - approx. 460g

Shaft Stiffness Life - medium - Dia. 26mm

Shaft Stiffness Cruise - medium/stiff - Dia. 26mm

Shaft Stiffness Glide – firm/stiff - Dia. 26mm

Available only as ‘SNAP LOCK’ adjustable 2 Piece for minimum weight/max versatility.


Our Mission in designing the new range was to further enhance the entire paddling experience for every rider.

 Thanks to our design team, production team and all the work from our ‘real world testers’, who have spent many hours helping us to fine tune our prototypes - we are confident we have produced another SUPer X-Paddle which all riders will love.