Whiskeyjack Whiskey Apostle Kayak Paddle

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Whiskeyjack Whiskey Apostle Kayak Paddle

Every Whiskeyjack Paddle is individually handcrafted. Like a snowflake, no two are exactly the same. Each one is unique and special in its own way -and each has the classic style and innovative design that defines Whiskeyjack Paddles. 

All Whiskeyjack canoe, and kayak paddles are individually handcrafted from the finest select-grain, red and white cedar available. These beautiful and unique paddles combine old world craftsmanship with modern laminated design.

The ergonomically designed grips are incredibly comfortable and greatly reduce hand fatigue. We painstakingly mold each grip so that they fit perfectly into the palm of your hand.

Our fiberglass reinforced blades are designed to glide through the water without flutter or vibration.Our blades are strong but have just enough flexibility to reduce strain on the joints.

The shafts are constructed of five strips of laminated cedar and are spokeshaved by hand into a smooth, oval shape -perpendicluar to the blade.Our wooden shafts provide wonderful flex which acts as a natural shock absorber during long days of hard paddling.

These beautiful canoe and kayak paddles are built with pride and are among the nicest paddles you will ever hold.


The handcrafted Whiskey Apostle is a fabulous, ultra-light touring kayak paddle.

This paddle has a an elegant 5-piece laminated oval shaft and a unique, laminated,
 steam-bent spooned blade

Designed for kayak paddlers who prefer full sized blades with a powerful catch. The fully fiberglassed, extremely light cedar core blade provides excellent buoyancy and a powerful, quiet stroke. 

Weighing in at
 just 28oz, this paddle is freakishly light with perfect balance and minimal swing weight. The 220 Apostle weighs in around 1.18 kilo's

Constructed from red and white cedar with a clear, poured, wrap-around, epoxy blade guardfor solid protection against rock damage.

Weight: 28oz
Blade Dimension: 8" x 18 " 
Shaft: 0 and 60 Degree feather