Whiskeyjack Shakedown Wood Carbon SUP Paddle

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Whiskeyjack Paddles Whiskey Shakedown SUP Paddle - Wood/Carbon Hybrid Paddle 

Our Classic range of SUP paddles are now available in our Hybrid Range as a cut to length and glue the Handle in model, so the customer has ultimate choice over the length they wish to choose. This means you can set the paddle to any length from 86" or shorter. 

The beautiful and ultra-light Whiskey Shakedown, features a super strong U.S. made Carbon Fibre Shaft, mated to an individually handcrafted blade, made from the finest red and white cedar, with matching Wood Handle.

With the beautiful Wood 8" x 16" Shakedown blade set at 12 degree rake to match the high performance shaft perfectly and features a 'High Dihedral' blade shape to really grip the water with minimum 'leafing'.

The combination of Wood and Carbon delivers more power from your paddle when you need it, while retaining the very relaxed and comfortable feel which is so important for long distance touring.

The Carbon Shaft is Gloss Epoxy coated to give maximum durability, while retaining discernible 'cloth weave finish' meaning the paddler can easily use the relaxed hand grip needed to remain comfortable while paddling for extended periods, without fear of slippage even in moist conditions. 

The clear fibreglass coated blade ensures this paddle is not only a thing of great beauty, but is intended for use in the real world as well.

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