Which Red Paddle Co. Inflatable SUP 2010?

The choice of Red Air Inflatable SUPs is between four different boards ranging from 9'4 to 10'8.  The popularity of inflatable SUPs is exploding worldwide.  Paddlers are realizing their potential for uses where conventional hard SUPs are either too big or just too fragile.

Inflatables are great for family use with the kids, travelling, touring & accessing remote waters where the board must be carried some distance.  On the extreme side of things, paddlers are now making rock infested white water river runs on SUPs.  As SUP takes off, more paddlers living in towns & cities are getting involved, so easy storage in smaller flats or houses becomes a huge bonus with inflatables.  More uses are being explored all the time & no doubt next year will see even more variety in the inflatable market.

When it comes to choosing a new SUP, you should be honest with yourself about the likely use the board will be put to & by what size and experience paddler.


 9'4 The smallest board in the lineup is aimed at waves, smaller riders and kids.  It packs up super small, which is very convenient if you're travelling.  The nose shape on the 9'4 is pulled in which helps the surfing performance.  The 30" wide point and the rounded tail make it stable enough for lighter paddlers & kids to use it as an all round board.

9'6 Red Air describe this board as the 'Allwater', and that's exactly what you can use it for.  It surfs great for an inflatable and has that extra bit of width at 32", which makes it more stable for bigger guys who would find the 9'4 a bit too tippy.  The extra width opens up a number of other applications for this board - with the bomb proof construction & urethane fins, it's becoming the board of choice for inland paddlers taking on fast flowing rivers & exploring smaller waterways.  NB in rivers attach your leash to your buoyancy aid, not your ankle!


10'6 This is the staple board of the Red Air line up.  Suitable for paddlers up to 85kg, it can be used in small waves and for general cruising along.  At 32" wide it's quite stable & has enough volume for lighter paddlers coming into the sport.  Lighter people will also find it has respectable glide if it's pumped up solid. Red Paddle Co. recommend 15-20psi as being about right for their boards.  The harder you get them the better they work.  Heavier paddlers should always try to get the most pressure they can into the board for best performance.  They say the boards can't be over inflated with the pump supplied, so get pushing!!


10'8 The Red Air 10'8 is a new introduction for this year.  At 34" wide it's incredibly stable & specifically aimed at first timers or bigger paddlers who want the convenience & benefits of an inflatable board, without compromising on the paddling performance.  Blown up nice and hard, over 15psi, this board will accommodate a 100kg paddler.  The stability also lends itself to other recreational uses.  It makes a good board to use as a fishing platform, or as a ideal family board with a kid sat on the front.


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