Streamlined Feather Lite RDM Euro Pin Carbon Extension

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Streamlined Feather Lite RDM Euro Pin Carbon Extension

6cm to 30cm range

Euro Pin

Our new “HMX” pre-preg carbon graphite extensions are light, feather-lite. As far as we know they are the lightest extensions in windsurfing. They have an incredible strength to weight ratio. With our top quality pre-preg carbon fiber material and our meticulous manufacturing process we have developed the strongest, lightest extensions possible. Compare the weight to any other like extension. The 2 centimeter adjustment settings are set with a hard anodized aluminum collar tethered with a spectra line to a stainless steel pin. Fail-safe and virtually break proof . Finally we attach our new beefy “Power-Six” super powerful 6:1 downhaul cleat with large diameter pulleys perpendicular for power, easy rigging and no crossed lines. A tough Dyneema “super downhaul” downhaul line is included.

  • Light Weight - Our new HMX pre-preg carbon graphite extensions are the lightest in windsurfing.
  • Super Strong - Our extensions have incredible strength to weight ratio, with top quality carbon fiber material.
  • Precision Manufacturing - Quality extensions that are hand-crafted by artisans who are also windsurfers.
  • True RDM Design - This extension design is unique. It is entirely reduced diameter, no compromise with the old school.

Weight: 370 grams