Stop water filling your wetsuit legs

Stop water filling your wetsuit legs!

Annoying isn't it?  Having the legs of your suit expanding as they gradually fill up with water being sprayed up off your boards edge.  This is a common issue if you wear a suit designed for surfing rather than kitesurfing.  Fortunately there are a couple of fairly simple fixes.

First is legstraps, these are a wide webbing strap with velcro to hold it securely in place just above your ankle bone.  Don't go mega tight or you'll lose circulation to your feet!  Ankle straps go a long way to stopping water getting up your leg in the first place.  Alternatively if you ride with boots in the winter tucking your suit inside the ankles of the boot does a similar job. If you need some ankle leg straps there are some here from Spartan

If you get water in your suit, you also need to give it an escape route.  A small hole punctured through the neoprene about 6" up from the anckle cuff at the back of the leg will allow any trapped water to be released.  The elastic tension in your suit should push the water out fairly quickly. You might not want to do this on a brand new suit, but it definitly works. Many kite and windsurf specific suits will feature drain holes in the ankles anyway.  

The combination of straps and drain holes will help keep you more comfortable, drier and warmer than before.  In the summer a 3/4 length suit is the other answer to the elephant legs, but thats not going to work in the winter!