Step out of the kitesurf comfort zone!

Remember when you started out & it seemed like you learnt something new every time you went out?  Wondering what happened to that fast rate your progression?  Stuck in a groundhog day scenario where you can't remember the last new thing you tried & it's not quite giving you the buzz it used to?  Welcome to the 'Comfort Zone'...


Time to take a step beyond.  Going for something you have never done before is scary - you might take the hardest crash of your life & you might even break some kit. But you might also take your riding forward & you'll definitely find what you were missing!  It's just that frightening element of uncertainty, which takes some getting your head around.  


Dan stepping out of the 'Comfort Zone'

Think right back to when you started.  You took up kiting or windsurfing for the exhilaration & the excitement which comes with being propelled by the forces of nature on the edge of your skills & control... Now do something new for that reason alone.  If you crash it's not a problem. If you stick the move so much the better! 


Focus on what you can't do & you'll never try.  Accept you're about to do something that you might not land & start to enjoy the ride again.   





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