Spring Kit Maintenance Guide

Pheeew, the south westerlies are back at 24-7 Boardsports & the sun is trying to shine out from behind the clouds.  This must mean it's time to root your gear out of the garage & get down to the beach!  If you've not sailed or kited since the autumn, it's well worth having a rigging session on a flat day, just to check out the condition of all your gear before you want to use it in anger.


Windsurfers, this is the right time to re-rope all your extensions & booms.  If it looks even slightly tired, replace it - a couple of quid on new rope is way better than a huge swim in cold water on your first session.  We have all the rope you could need including Marlow Formuline, the ultimate downhaul rope.  It is pricey, but it's incredibly strong, has super low friction to make downhauling easier & minimise rope wear.  The way it lasts it pays for itself in the long term. We will also have Marlow Formula X for 2013.  This is a brand new, round weave type of Formuline specifically for use in North Power XTR extensions.  The round weave gives it a textured finish which grips in the teeth of the XTR roller & prevents it slipping under load.


Unroll your sails & check the mice or the mildew haven't got to them!  If you need new gear but you're on a tight budget, now is the time, because we are clearing out our warehouse. MastsSailsBoardsExtensionsBoomsClothing - Everything has to go, so there are some great deals to be had on new old-stock items from AHDNaishMaverXPowerex. Stocks are limited & it's first come first served.


Kiters, it was great to see some of you persevering through the bleak north easterly days.  The rewards will come now it's warming up.  Your fitness will be better than it was at the end of last season, your kite flying will have improved, even if you don't notice it yourself at the moment.  All this means you're ready to build up your level on a solid base of winter flying.  Its also the time to have a good look at your kit to get ready for the summer.  Lay every thing out & start at the bar.  Check your depower line is good & replace it if it looks worn.  Run your lines through your fingers to check for knots.  If you have one, it's not a disaster, but it will reduce your line strength significantly.  Getting them out is quite easy if you know how...  put the knot on a hard surface & tap it gently with a hammer.  Do this on all sides till you can see the fibers in the knot working loose then undo it with your fingernails, taking care not to damage the line or pull any fibres loose.  Patch any tiny holes in the canopy or if it look serious give it to us for a fast professional repair.  Honestly, GLR can rebuild anything!


If you're not kiting yet, book your kitesurfing lessons now so you get all summer to learn.  Kiting will change your life.  If you learnt last year, get back on it & maybe think about taking a refresher lesson.  If you only bought one kite last season, think about adding another to give yourself the most opportunities to get on the water.  There are used & special offer bargains on sale if you don't want to buy new, but it's always worth a call or an email to see what kind of package we can put together for you on new kit.  As ever, sound advice will come as standard with any purchase from 24-7 Boardsports.


SUPers, it's been windy & grim hasn't it?  Still it's looking up a bit now, but it's still blowy out there.  This could be your opportunity to put a rig on your board & harness some of the breeze that makes paddling such a chore.  SUP sailing is a hoot & really easy to get to grips with.  You don't need a big powerful sail either & it opens up all sorts of new opportunities to go places & get on the water on days where you might not have enjoyed it before.


See you out there.


Dan 24-7