Shinn 2020 Kite Hydrofoil Model Mega K Alloy

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3.00 KGS
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• Medium/Low aspect high rake delta wing 1200cm2
• Carbon Stabiliser 350cm 2S20.1
• Speed Range 8 till>40kph
• Multiple Mast Lengths - Available with 60, 75 or 90cm mast (recommended for kiting 90cm, for surf and SUP 75cm)
• Strike Resistant Design - Top mounting for the delicate composite wings protects them from accidental bottom strikes
• Quik-Fit plate - Fast and easy foil attachment to any board (165 x 90 bolt spacings)
• Compatible with M6 or M8 Mounting hardware
• Deep socket for an improved stiffness mast plate connection
• Modular design - Fuselage compatibility with all other Shinn wings and stabilisers