Shinn 2020 K2 Carbon Kite Hydrofoil Set

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3.00 KGS
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• Medium / high aspect ratio carbon wing 866cm2
• ST3W Carbon stabiliser with yaw control winglets
• Huge speed range – 12 till >55kph
• Multiple mast lengths – available with 75, 90 or 110cm mast
• Integrated Hollow-tech Mounting plate increases rigidity and decreases weight
• Fast-mount sliding connection system compatible with M6 or M8 hardware
• Dedicated fuselage compatible with all Shinn wings and stabilisers
• Multi-axial,multilayered, hi-modulus carbon construction
• Increased speed and increased control

With more than 2 years R and D and over 30 prototypes made it would be fair to say the quest to find the perfect carbon foil was a little more complicated than it first appeared.
Not content with simply building a “black foil” we’ve held back from releasing anything until every box was ticked. Why are carbon foils special? Stiffness, stiffness and more stiffness (plus a little less weight). During foiling the rider is up to 1 metre above the foil, it’s long distance control, 1cm of flex at wing level is magnified by a factor of x to where you stand – imagine trying to push a button with a 1m long flexible stick or driving a car with flat tyres, each control input you make is magnified and delayed causing instability. Even the most talented riders will wobble. If your are serious about foiling and want to raise your game to the next level, carbon is the only way forwards.
Built using our proprietary hi-modulus, multi-axial carbon sandwich construction and featuring an innovative new hollow-tech integrated mounting plate with fast mount slide on/off fasteners. this foil uses a dedicated fuselage but is compatible with all existing shinn wings and stabilisers.
Mast length available : 75cm, 90cm and 110cm