RTM Loko Kayak Package

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RTM Loko Kayak Package

What you get in the package is the RTM Loko kayak, RTM fabric back rest and a high quality one piece alloy shaft RTM paddle

Compact, manuverable and designed for surf, the Loko is an ideal play kayak. With a unique design and exceptional stability, anyone can learn to paddle surf. Optional knee braces allow you more leverage and stability in the surf.

The loko is light weight (for a sit on top) at 16kg, so it is easy to carry and lift onto roofracks. The four well placed carry handles make picking it up as easy as possible. Ease of transport should be taken into account if you have a walk to the water.  The smaller size also makes it easy to store. If you have more than one Loko they are stackable, to take up the least possible space. We know that a Loko is short enough that it can be stored inside a Calshot beach hut and they will go in the back of most vans. 

The Loko is ideally suited to lighter paddlers looking for a playboat.  If you are heavier or you want to paddle further and faster, or you want a drier, more stable boat to use as a platform for fishing, snorkling etc, then there are other boats in the RTM range which might work better for you. Check out the RTM Mambo Package.


  • Unsinkable design
  • Self draining with two scupper holes
  • Stackable for easy storage of multiple kayaks
  • 4 Handles for easy carrying
  • Integrated foot rests
  • Chine hull design for easy straight line paddling
  • Elasticated paddle holder
  • Corrosion resistant fittings ideal for use in salt water


  • Length: 242 cm 
  • Width: 76 cm 
  • Depth: 22 cm 
  • Weight: 16 kg 
  • Max Capacity: 100 kg

Shipping to mainland UK destinations only