RTM Abaco 420 Hi Luxe Fishing Kayak

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RTM Abaco 420 Hi Luxe Fishing Kayak


With the ABACO 4.20, RTM Fishing offers a kayak that works better for the needs of todays kayak fisherman.  This updated ABACO fits the new RTM Fishing Chair, which elevates the seating position of the angler for a better view down into the water.  The new chair features a higher back for greater comfort during long sessions.

This kayak is ready to accomodate the latest electronics, with a specific location for the probe of a fish finder to be mounted under the hull.

With 3 storage spaces on the front, center and rear, it is particularly suitable for long parts before hatch pêche.La hosts a removable box and a rubber port cover makes the whole waterproof. The central trunk receives (in addition to rods), decoys, the battery sonar-GPS. The rear space team option ABACO special chest, or even a bag or waterproof container.

The fast and powerful hull gets you quickly to the fishing spots. The ABACO is silent, it does not hit in choppy, improving approaches. Its low height, coupled with its large keel make this kayak drift slowly, even without a drogue. Finally, without freeboard is low in the seat, which facilitates the gripping of the fish.

The footrests luxury version fishing kayaks have changed. They feature now adjustable footrests kind rudder. The position of the feet is so comfortable for the paddler (see the visual in equipment below).

Speaking to more experienced practitioners, Abaco is also a very good kayak for beginners thanks to its comfort and its stability hardly less than that of his older brother, K. LARGO.

With a maximum load slightly lower than the K.Largo, Abaco may agree to a fisherman weighing up quintal. With its maneuverability and the fun aspect of its use, it may also be in the hands of fishermen rather smaller and less "muscular".

Playful, light, fast, with all the desired facilities, the Abaco is THE modern kayak fishing excellence!

2015 changes: Our kayaks ABACO 4.20, 3.60 and ABACO K.LARGO are available only in version LUXURY, with rudder footrests and pre-fitted sheath, allowing the installation of a rudder (optional, with Dyneema, after raising and cleat).

Abaco Luxe

  • 2 1 adjustable footrests set
  • 2 integrated rod holders
  • 1 adjustable rod holder
  • 16 deck line D-rings
  • 8 DRings - 1 buoyancy foam block kit
  • 4 carry handles - 1 drain plug
  • 2 lateral paddle keepers
  • 1 central hatch
  • 1 molded ruler to measure fish
  • 1 4-hole scupper plug kit
  • 2 recessed areas for bag, barrel
  • 1 front hatch cover
  • 2 aluminium lateral tracks
  • 2 rubber stowage pockets
  • 1 ABACO front case
  • 1 rod tube
  • 2 lure boxes (cases)
  • 2 small lure boxes


Length 13 ft 8 in
Width 28.3 in
Weight 60 lb
Max Capacity 180 lb

Optional Abaco Equipment

  • Abaco rear case dashboard
  • Abaco front hatch
  • Abaco rod tube
  • Abaco central hatch
  • Rudder kit, Abaco trolley


  • SOT seats and backrests
  • Kneebraces
  • Paddle leash
  • SOT trolley
  • Waterproof bags
  • Abaco case
  • Barrels 6l, 15l, 24l, 50l or 55l
  • Anchor it

Shipping to mainland UK destinations only - Collection highly recommended