RTM Abaco 360 Hi Luxe Fishing Kayak

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RTM Abaco 360 Luxe Fishing Kayak

The Abaco 3.60 is a sit on top single-seater kayak, ideal for all types of fishing, for any type of body of water, salt or fresh and for any type of fisherman. This Hi Luxe version has all the basic features required for kayak fishing as well as extended storage options for rods and other gear and a foot steered rudder kit for optimal directional control. Its front housing is fixed and covered with a triangular flap.  Its compact design facilitates the storage, transport and makes it easy to maneuver in the water.  Its width of 76 cm provides significant stability to fishing standing in calm water.  The sleek lines of the hull maintain a nice glide and speed when paddling. 

The Abaco 3.60 retains the ergonomics of RTMs regular kayak range but features new innovations for fishing:

  • The seat is wider and taller.  RTM FISHING created the PREMIUM seat (optional extra) that adjusts with two positions: low when the angler is paddling or looking for additional stability in rough water; high position to better scrutinize the water and to be more naturally and comfortably seated.
  • The regular RTM sit-on-top seats and backrests in the range remain compatible with the ABACO series.
  • Safety back - The rear storage space is easily accessible to the angler whilst afloat.
  • The Abaco is willing to welcome any electronic equipment from the Hi Tech Series. The hull has a molded housing which can accommodate new generation LSS 2 probes that offer exceptional quality of underwater vision.

Standard equipment

  • 1 drain plug
  • 1 foam buoyancy Kit
  • 1 footrests luxury version Pair
  • 1 directional rod holder articulated luxury
  • 2 storage compartment Nets
  • 2 Small boxes transparent std lures
  • 2 fixed nylon rod holders
  • 2 side aluminum rails
  • 4 Carry handles
  • 4 scupper holes
  • ABACO box
  • Fish measurement scale
  • Elastic rear deck
  • Lifeline
  • Forward storage hatch
  • Central storage hatch
  • Central positioned storage tube for fishing rods
  • Rudder steer kit

Shipping to mainland UK destinations only - Collection highly recommended