Prolimit Teamwave Windsurfing Waist Harness Digital

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Colour: Digital

The Prolimit Teamwave windsurfing waist harness is a 3d thermofoam molded top of the range harness

The inside the harness has a neoprene belt to secure the harness around your waist which incorporates a molded pillow. The harness outer is made from a high density EVA outer layer which is PU laminated for wrinkle free flex and elasticity.  The harness has been pre curved for a great fit to your back. The harness gives a high back support and a full length neoprene soft edge to reduce chaff when wearing next to skin. The Teamwave is made from a dual foam construction with torque window side panels to aid torsional twist. Inside the harness is a version 4 of the internal load plate gives anatomical shape and comort without hte harness riding up.

The harness bar features the pin release spreader bar with a 4 way MPL webbing construction which keeps the spreader bar locked down and stable and the pin system makes it quick to fit and to release if you need to.


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