Prolimit Open Palm Xtreme 3mm Wetsuit Mittens

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Neoprene Mitten 3mm, with Open Palm for best protection from cold, while still keeping the grip diameter the same as normal.

The collective warmth of not having your fingers separated is a huge benefit for many water users.

These Mittens are a great favorite of many Windsurfers, Windwingers, Paddleboarders, Kayakers, Jet Skiers, etc., as the Mitten is shaped to provide and almost perfect wind seal around your hand when griping a tube like a boom or paddle.

They are also great for kite kitesurfers who do not like to ride one handed with the 'Chicken Loop' between their second and third finger, for which only gloves will work.

Bear in mind that they are quite a curved shape, to ensure they do not require your energy to shape them into the perfect grip position needed for booms, bars and paddles - you should not try to straighten your fingers completely while wearing them.

This shaping is key to them being super comfortable while gripping tubes and also ensures that if you want slip your fingers out of the mitten while using them, this will be both easy to achieve and that the back of your hands will still be protected from wind chill if you want to use them this way so you have full finger dexterity, or if you hands are getting too warm.

Because the Palm is Open - these Mittens are not great for keeping you fingers warm if you want to use them for swimming, or if your are using them for surface sports where you will be in the water every few minutes.

Dimensions in the size charts are in cm.

Dimension 1 is the Length.

Dimension 2 and 3 are the Circumference around your Hand and around your Wrist 

Size Large and X Large are the new models/deliveries of Mittens with a increase in price to £37.99 we are afraid, but we are doing all we can to keep price increases to the minimum.