Premium Warm Winter Wetsuit Boots Review

This is a rundown of our Premium Winter Wetsuit Boots.  I'm not going to score them as such - everyone has different ideas of constitutes their ideal winter boot.

Atan Mistral Hot 7mm Winter Wetsuit Boots

Atan Mistral Hot 7mm boots

AKA the foot cooker.  Super soft and cosy these will insulate your feet against the worst of the winter weather.  I've worn these with my drysuit for kiting & SUP while there has been snow on the beach & been fine....  They are a bit bulky if you kite in straps & you do give away some feeling.  For strapless kite surfing & SUP in the winter months these are golden. Comfort levels are on par with your favourite slippers.  Available in all adult sizes.RRP £53.99

Atan Madisson Winter Wetsuit Boots 4mm


The thinner, split toe Atan winter boot.  For a winter boot the Madisson has the best board feel out there. You do give away a little collective warmth for your big toe with these.  Still plush & super comfy I love these before it gets really Baltic.  Feel for straps is really good.  All sizes kept in stock.

 Atan Mistral Winter Wetsuit Boots 4mm


As for the Madisson boots, but with a round toe this time.  None of the Atan boots are that hard wearing if you walk around in them a lot.  Stick them on just before you sail if you are on a stoney beach to make them last. 

Atan Semtex Winter Wetsuit Boot


These are the daddy of all wetsuit boots in that it is impossible to cut the sole of this boot as it is made from kevlar and the boot is dipped in latex to give that barefoot feeling, whilst giving protection against coral and mussel beds.  The glue that is used in the Atan boots is partly made from Titanium so it forms a metallic film which reflects heat and keeps your feet warmer for longer. 

All these wetsuit boots (and many cheaper options) are available to try on in the 24-7 Boardsports shop here at Calshot.