Nah-Skwell Kool Air Fusion Sup Board - Learning-All-Round-Windsup

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Technology: Fusion AIR

The Kool Air is the ideal range for all round Paddleboarding, helping you and your family discover this lovely sport and so many beautiful locations you never previously knew existed (often on your door step), all the way through to surfing your first waves or using a Windsurfing rig to extend the fun even further.

Their proven scoop and outline (a development of our composite construction Kool range) will give the rider confidence with their relaxed gliding capability and ease of use.

The Fusion construction technology ensures they are Light, Durable and Remarkably Responsive, and each Kool Air has the added bonus of having a mast foot insert to take a Windsurfing rig (suggested max sail size for WindSUP is 6.0m), meaning you can also enjoy the pleasures of WindSUP in suitable conditions.


We have set out to replicate as much as possible, the superb feel, performance and versatility of our rigid composite boards with our superb new range of Inflatable SUP's.

Specially developed over several years to give a real bonus in terms of storage, transport and shock resistance over rigid boards, their many attractive features make them incredibly versatile and simply great fun to own, making them ideal for family use in a wide range of conditions and locations.

All our inflatable's are built in the latest "Fusion" technology, meaning they are more rigid and lighter, with recommended inflation pressures of 16 to 22p.s.i.

Side fins are surface mounted at the factory and we supply soft removable US box Centre fins on the Kool Air, Fit Air, Rocket Air and Training boards.

All but the Training Air and 14' Fit Air come with a deck insert for WindSUP - The Supa Kool Air and Supa Rocket Air come to 2 deck insert fittings and 2 extra Centre US fin box's/fins on the Supa Kool's and an extra Centre US fin box/fin on the Supa Rocket to enhance Tandem WindSUP performance.

All boards include their appropriate fixed and removable fins, hand pump with pressure gauge, repair kit and carry bag with well padded shoulder straps - Supa Kool and Supa Rocket boards are delivered with an Electric Air-Pump instead of the usual manual hand pump.

Kai Sports also offer all these packages including a variety of Paddles and Leashes to suit your needs.


LENGTH: 10'6/320cm
WIDTH: 32 ¾"
VOLUME: 212lt
WEIGHT: 11kgs
FIN CONFIG: Tri fin/Fixed Thrusters with Central US

Weight Tolerance: +/- 8%. All information is correct at the time of writing, but is subject to change or alteration without prior notice. For latest information always check with your Shop or Kai Sports Ltd.