IndoFLO Cushion

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Indo Board IndoFLO Balance Cushion

The Indo FLO Balance Cushion is the perfect accessory for all of our Indo Board Balance Trainer decks.

The innovative concept is to provide a full circle of instability without the abrupt direction changes encountered with our Indo Board rollers. This virtually eliminates falls and offers a complete workout. The IndoFLO Balance Cushion creates a fluid transition with a totally unstable platform. The air cushion creates a free flowing instability that is challenging, fun, and immediately beneficial in all aspects of core and balance training. Great for stand up paddle board training!

35cm diameter polyvinyl cushion (mouth inflatable)
Can be used with any of our decks Deck does not slide or roll on the cushion
Recommended for all ages and ability levels
Mouth inflatable valve system allows you to change the inflation levels
Supports up to 150 kg