Indo Board Original Training Pack

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Indo Board Original Training Pack

With the training pack you get the IndoFLO cushion as well as the medium roller to go with your Original board.  The IndoFLO cushion provides instability in all directions, but without the sudden shifts in direction the roller can create.  This makes it ideal for workouts where you want to concentrate on the excercise rather than on balance.  The cushion makes it much harder to fall off the board!

If you're off the water over winter Indo boards are an excellent way to maintain your co-ordination, board skills, core strength, balance, reactions!  Indo boarding is also ideal to assist active recovery from injury & illness. Many gyms & fittness studios are starting to offer classes & instruction in the fitness aspects of balance board training. 

If you do any sort of board sports there is an Indo Board to suit you. Choose from the natural wood or bamboo finish, or a range of graphic styles or photo prints.  

There are several new updates to the graphics for 2015, including the new 'Barefoot' graphic with foot placement guides for certain IndoFlo cushion excercises.  We would still suggest you wear shoes when training with all the Indoboards as the grip on the top is quite strong.

This is what Indo Board have to say about their 'Original' board:

• The easiest model to learn on.

• Simple, stable, wide and user friendly.

• Fun for riders of all ages and abilities.

• You can learn all the moves you want on this model.

• After you master the challenge of rolling back and forth,
try ollies, bomb drops, shuvits and big spins.

• The most popular Indo Board model

All Indo Boards are supplied with a free instructional DVD

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