How to survive kitesurfing in strong wind...

It's blowing a gale (literally) outside the window of the shop, so I thought it was time to share some technique pointers on how to deal with kiting in stronger wind!


Everything happens much faster when the wind picks up.  Smaller kites are quicker, the gusts are bigger & crashes are harder!  Pick the right size kite, stick on a helmet & an impact jacket & get out there.


Dan kiting on a 4m Slingshot Rally

Dan from 24-7 kiting on a 4m Rally!

When launching, double check the lines are right & that your quick release is working.  Leave yourself plenty of space downwind. Get a safe launch from an experienced kitesurfer.


Slow the kite down by moving your hands in towards the middle of the bar.  Use small gentle movements on the bar to control the kite. Adjust the steering on small kites to a slower setting.  If the bar is adjustable set it to the shorter length.


When a gust hits, push the bar out, keep the kite low & edge hard with your back foot.  This combination pushes the kite forward to the very edge of the window, where it loses power.  Not lifting the kite up higher prevents it from lifting you up off the water. This allows you to keep your weight really low & drive effectively through your back leg.


Staying in control is important, so if you're riding along with the bar already pushed out, it's time to pull down the trim strap to move the bar back towards you.  If the kite is at the limit of its depower and flapping but still pulling hard, you need to change down a size!


Small kites are easier to edge out of the window so you'll need to keep your speed up to keep the kite back in the window for constant levels of power.  Its no good edging too hard straight after you waterstart, let the speed build & you will find yourself planing much more efficiently.


Have fun & play safe.