How to choose the right Indo Board

Indo Boards are fun - no two ways about it.  It's a simple concept that anyone into board sports will see an immediate application for.  Indo Board provides a challenge to you both physically and mentally.  It improves balance, co-ordination, reaction time & reflexes, all handy when it comes to your next session.  The best thing about this type of training is that you can do it in front of the TV...


The popularity of the Indo Board has seen it find it's way not only into gyms & health clubs but also into the tools used in sports injury rehab work. There are now a variety of different boards, rollers, cushions & accessories available.  I'll look through the options, so you can see what the different products offer.

 Indo Board Original


The Original Indoboard

This is the best selling board in the line up.  The best all round option it can be bought with the medium roller or as part of a package with the IndoFLO cushion to use at the gym & there's even a carry bag option.  The Original is now available in lots of colour options, although this does add a bit to the price.  This board is plenty strong enough & big enough for adults.  The top surface of the board has a fairly aggressive non-slip applied, so don't lean it on anything it might scratch.  The bottom of the board has a stop at each end so you can't slide right off the roller! All Indo boards are slower & easier to use on carpet.  From personal experience it's easier & more fun if you learn with someone else & don't be shy about holding on for the first few minutes.


The Mini Original Indo Board

 Indoboard Mini Original

Designed for use with the IndoFLO cushion as a workout device - you don't need the length of the standard original or pro if it's just placed static on the cushion - the Mini Original is also great for kids & smaller people to use with the small roller.  Kids should really be supervised with Indo Boards, but if we're honest they'll be better than you in no time - so maybe just move the fragile, expensive stuff out of the firing line & leave them to it :)  Take five to put the kettle on & enjoy your investment...  The mini original only comes in the natural wood colour, if you want somethng more colourful look at the options on the standard original or the mini pro.


Indo Board Pro Package

The Pro Indo Board


The big guys plank.  This one is perfect for 6' plus people & surfers who wants a longer board to practice their cross stepping.  The Pro is supplied with a large 8.5" roller.  This is actually easier to use as it moves a bit slower, although its a bit unnerving at first because you're slightly higher up.  Ideal for injury rehab, when used with the IndoFLO Gigante Cushion, as this board has the biggest surface area to move around on.  This setup is quite heavy, so you won't want to be lugging it down to the gym with you in the evening.


The Mini Pro Indo Board

The Indo Board Mini Pro was designed to reduce the weight and surface area of the larger Indo Pro model. The Indo Mini Pro offers a longer deck than the Original Indo Board to accommodate wider stances.  If you're after an Indo Board to complement your main board sport this is probably the one to look at.  Available with the smooth large roller or as a comprehensive package with the IndoFLO Gigante Cushion. 

There are some slick looking graphics choices in the Mini Pro, but like the Original, they do add a few quid to the cost over the Natural Wood option.


Kick Tail Pro

Used with the Medium roller, this fits a similar group of users to the Mini Pro, however this is a bit more advanced!  The kick tail boards are aimed at skaters, wake skaters, strapless kiters etc guys who really want to be challenged & have scope to push themselves on the Indo Board.  There are no stops at the ends of the board, so you can just ride off the roller if you don't pay attention...   Probably not the best board to be learning on, but ideal if you're looking for a way to progress your riding & maintain your fitness when the conditions aren't really on.  No colour choices on this board, it's Natural Wood all the way. 


Mini Kick Tail Pro

 This is a skate deck for the Indo Board.  Use it with the small roller & practice flips & spins to your hearts content.  Indo Board only rate this deck for people up to 64kg - yes, you can use it if you're heavier, but don't be too surprised if you snap it on a hard landing! That's the trade off for having a light weight board that's easy to kick flip.  If your heavier & you want it to last, think about the Kick Tail Pro instead.  This board is not suited to beginners at Indo Boarding - its small & fast & there are no stops at the ends.


There you have the majority of the Indo Board range.  For more information on the boards and the graphic options available give us a call in the shop (02380 894000) or check out our website at  We hold the most popular Indo Board models in stock at our Calshot store, but if you want something we dont have we can always get it for you!