Duotone Irig ONE Inflatable Windsurf Sail

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 The Duotone Irig - Packs up very small, Light and blows up with a pump

The Duotone Irig is very light and compact and will fit in to most backpacks and car boots.

Inflation is quick and easy and only takes one and a half minutes - there is a handy pump adaptor included with the irig

The great thing with the Duotone irig is that it can fit onto any SUP or inflatable SUP or windsurf board easily - and if you don't have an insert in your board the adaptor strap will sort this out for you.

Duotone windsurfing have joined together with Duotone kitesurfing who are one of the biggest kite brands in the world to produce this highly novel and ingenious windsurf rig.  The Irig inflates with a pump in seconds, it is low weight so great for kids and smaller riders, and with kite know how have produced a packdownable windsurf rig.

The Irig helps people to learn safely and easily, being seventy percent lighter than a normal rig it controls effortlessly in the hands of both young and older. This means you stay on your board longer and get less tired.

With the Irig being so light it just sits on the water so when you come to uphaul it just lifts up and into your waiting hands, you can even lift it up one handed it is so light. With it sitting on the water it also means that if you need to paddle back home the Irig will float on the surface whilst you paddle back to shore.  With no hard surfaces on the Duotone Irig there is minimal risk of injury - windsurf rigs falling onto feet and bruising them are a thing of the past.