DAG Midway SE Kayak

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DAG Midway Sit-on-top kayak - Super Equipped

Mid-Way - Demand the best for your leisure

Racy, elegant, high performance, the Mid-Way combines the performances of a traditional sea kayak (smoothness, speed, technical qualities…) with those of a sit-on-top (comfort, stability, safety).

On the equipment side, theMid-Way also knows how to make a difference for underwater hunting enthusiasts.  Also available as an angling version with flush mounted rod holders behind the seat. 

Capacity: 1 person

Length: 4,40 m
Width: 0,65 m
Height: 0,34 m
Weight: 23 kg
Max weight 
of kayaker: 95 kg
Max combined load: 150 kg


This Super Equipped Mid-Way comes complete with :


Drain Plug


PU Keel


Strap for barrel 25L


Front & Rear surmoulded handles


2 central flat handles


Large rear net


CARL system


2 paddle holders


2 SOT plugs


Front bulkhead


Front inox hook


Deck line


4 D-Rings




Optional Additions


Comfort seat




Paddle leash


Kirool trolley


Foldable anchor