Starboard 2020 Foil X 145 and Freeride 150 Foil

Starboard 2020 Foil X 145 and Freeride 150 Foil

21st Nov 2019

Just got in the new 2020 Starboard Foil X 145 in Flax Balsa £1875, and Starboard 2020 Foil 150 Freeride in Starlite £1399.  Both boards look stunning. 

The Starboard Foil X 145 is really corky thick but only 71cm wide and a short 190cm long. Made from Balsa Flax wood this board is ideal with the Starboard Supercruiser Foil which has a 1700cm front massive wing.  The board is super small giving it a compact feel and swing weight when doing tricks.

The Starboard Foil X 145 and Starboard Freeride 150 foil Starlite come with 4 lightweight Starboard footstraps, screws and anti twist plates and the important breather valve screw.

The Starboard Freeride Foil 150 Starlite is slightly bigger than the Foil X 145 at 210cm and 85cm wide.  More of a traditional shape as foil boards go giving a stable platform for those trying foiling out for the first time