COVID-19 Update as of 13/05/2020

13th May 2020

Hi Everyone,

Hoping you are all safe and well and looking forward to the next phase of returning to a 'New Normal'

I'm very pleased to say, that the local beaches are starting to re open, including Calshot Activities Centre, NFDC Calshot and Lepe Country Park from this morning.

Watersports are permitted under new guidance from today - The RYA and other governing bodies have suggested that watersports are now acceptable to participate in, but must follow any guidance and updates from the government.

This is fantastic news, as by their very nature, the sports we represent are in the main very compliant with the all important ‘Social Distancing’ rules, so with very little further precautions, we can indulge in our passions.Please do so safely – Social Distancing and not all rushing to the beach at once is vital to avoid a reversal in the infection rates.

If everyone rushes to the beach, behaves poorly or starts having accidents or incidents at sea or on the beach, it will scare the local authorities and the Government alike – Please do nothing which might see us back in Lockdown.

Please look for guidance from governing bodies – we will post updates from these as we see them. Please remember, that we are all rusty, do not do anything that will increase the burden on 1st responders and hospitals!

24-7 Boardsports is not yet permitted to have customers in the shop, but we have been here, all through the lockdown for a few hours a day doing mail order and answering enquiries – Until we can re-open on the 1st June (we hope) we will try to be able to offer pre arranged collections as well, now you are allowed on the site to do your sports, as we can easily place items outside the shop, just as a delivery driver would do, maintaining social distancing and so comply with the all important rules on safe working and safe meeting.

Please act with care and responsibility – let’s kill the Corona Virus, not each other! Welcome back everyone - We will post regular updates, now things are opening up again.

Stay safe and well, with best wishes from Jon, Rob, Keith, Marie and Paul.

Here are the Key elements from Calshot Activities Centre about site usage.Following careful consideration of Government guidance, we are reopening the car park and slipway from Wednesday 13 May. 

The safety of our visitors and staff is our priority and we have taken steps to ensure the wellbeing of those onsite. We will update this post with new information as appropriate so please check for future notices.

> Our car parks and toilets are open but all activity facilities, café and reception are closed. Please note toilets will only be available between 0900 – 1900.

> We kindly request that people do not congregate in the Sunderland Hangar whilst accessing the toilets

> We are may need to limit the number of cars onsite to ensure capacity remains at a safe level.

> Parking charges apply. All our pay machines will take card / contactless payments only. Cash payments will not be accepted

> Follow social distancing measures during your visit at all times. Please use the site, beaches and paths responsibly, for your own and others' safety.

> If accessing the water please follow guidance from relevant national bodies such as the RNLI

> Wash your hands or use your own hand sanitisers regularly.

> Observe signs and markers in places to help maintain a physical distance from other visitors in busier areas.

> The main gate will be unlocked at 0800 and close at 2100, please ensure your vehicle is removed from the site before then

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. The above steps will help us to keep Calshot Activities Centre open and maintain the safety and enjoyment for all our visitors and staff. We look forward to welcoming you back soon!

Link to Calshot Annual Parking renewal – this will now run like the road fund licence, from the month you take it out for 12 months. 1/5/2020 to 31/5/2021 is £60.

Link to the notice on Calshot Activites Centre Website.