Atan Mistral 3mm Winter Wetsuit Boot

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Atan Mistral 3mm Winter Wetsuit Surf boot

3mm neoprene with plush thermal titanium lining on the ankle and top of the foot - Warmth and comfort in the water

Glued and blindstitched construction - Durable water tight construction

Natural rubber dipped finish for a super 'barefoot' feeling - The most supple boot with the best grip and feeling for your board and straps.

Velcro strap around the leg - Seals the top of the boot

Atan's size their shoes and boots T1, T2, T3, T4 and T5 which equates to the following euro sizes

T00= 34-35 Euro

T0 = 36-37 Euro

T1 = 38-39 Euro

T2 = 40-41 Euro

T3 = 42-43 Euro

T4 = 44-45 Euro

T5 = 46-47 Euro

T6 = 48-49 Euro

T7 = 50-51 Euro 

24-7 Say: The Atan Mistral is probably the best selling of the Atan boot range for us.  Slightly warmer than the split toe Madisson and with better feeling for the straps than the super thick and warm Mistal Hot, the standard Mistral boot is the choice for the discerning water user.  

Care advice: None of the Atan boots are particularly durable for lots of walking around in, due to the soft tacky rubber construction, but if you rig up and jump in the water they will last you for many seasons to come.  A good wash out with wetsuit shampoo and thorough drying will keep them smelling fresh as a daisy so they don't get banished to the garage.  


24-7 Rated Product.