Airtime Valve Trap

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Airtime Valve Trap

We developed the Valve Trap because people have asked us for years why they couldn't re-use their perfectly good valves when the started leaking. This is the solution that let's you quickly and permanently attach a new or used valve to any bladder. Repair old bladders or assemble new.  

The Valve Trap sandwiches any valve between two layers of soft foam and seals the valve in place with a specialized 'peel and stick' adhesive. The Valve Trap then provides a large 4" diameter base with 'peel and stick' adhesive that will permanently adhere to any bladder, new or used.

Don't quite understand how it works? Click here to check out our documentation and read testimonials or watch the videos.

Perfect fix to re-attach original valves when they come loose and begin to leak. Keep your original valve and be back on the water in minutes. Don't go anywhere hot without one or two of these!