AHD Zen Windsurf Board

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AHD Zen Windsurf Board

These boards have been developed to enable you to learn windsurfing quickly. Our three boards offer stability and tolerance indispensable to your progression; their shapes offer a progressive planning guaranteeing the best assets to guide you through your progression and pleasure! 

Franglais aside, the Zen is one of the best boards you can start on.  Critically it has a very good retractable dagger board system, so it allows for upwind sailing in underpowered conditions with beginner & kiddy rigs. The 170 is really a bigger version of the Fast Forward Freeride board, so it makes a fun early planing lightwind option, even when you have progressed onto other boards. A range of footstrap positions allow the board to progress with you.  The full EVA deck covering makes the board family friendly, protecting both little knees and the board!  Compared to equivalent boards from other manufacturers the ZEN is lighter in weight, stiffer & will last you longer as you progress through windsurfing.

Shape characteristics:
Scoop: progressive, ideal for a balanced and stable planning without on/off sensation, and good performance with low speed.
Outline: homogeneous and long for stability, support and tolerance.
Double Hull: more speed is increasing and wet surface is reduced. The Board feels lighter, free on water (230 & 190).
Deck: Full EVA, sweet and comfortable.
Dagger: 100% retractable

volume : 170
Length : 270
Width : 79.5
sails: 3.5-10.0

volume : 190
Length : 290
Width : 80.5
sails: 3.5-10.0

volume : 230
Length : 295
Width : 90
sails: 3.5-10.0