AHD Summerboard Wind SUP

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AHD Summerboard Wind SUP

Want one board that you can wave sail, then paddle when the wind drops & teach your kids on?  This is it, the AHD Summer board - Bring on the fun! 

The original version of the popular SeaLion XL, the AHD Summerboard has the added advantage of fully padded deck and rails for family proof durability.

This ideal configuration for Schools, and those families who want to have a do-it-all family board, with which to have fun every day!

The shape & specifics are exactly those of the SeaLion XL, just with the addition of a Full EVA Wrap on the Deck and Rails. SeaLion details XL below:


The SeaLion XL is a very stable board; it bobs-up on the white-water, thanks to the limited area impacting the wave. 
With a bottom shape designed to skim in 1-2 knots winds, it will plane at the very first breeze and with the fixed center fin works well with kids rigs.

Whether you're surfing a wave with a rig or a paddle, the Sealion XL is both stable and easy to carve, thanks to excellent support from the voluminous rail in a bottom turn and instantaneous pivoting when shifting your weight onto the back foot in the cut-back.  On a plane, this board shows surprisingly good speed.  Its width and stability will make both gybes and tacks easy to master for any level of sailor.

Larger surfers will finally have found the board they needed to join the SeaLion fray on very light winds days.

The SeaLion XL is an excellent stand-up-paddle board!

For a more family oriented version of this board check out the AHD Summer board.  Same great shape but with a full EVA wrap to protect the rails. 

A 9' long "retro fish " shape, the AHD SeaLion XL has 152 litres volume, with a 75.6cm width. It is still a compact board by SUP standards.  As with the smaller SeaLion 8'3, the underwater shape is a continuous Vee for excellent maneuverability. 

The Sealion twin-fin set-up is also used on this board, but the fins are slightly larger (21cm) for better grip & earlier planing.  Fins can be moved forward in the boxes for more maneuverability or back for better tracking in a straight line.

Voluminous rails allow an excellent performance in the surf as well as giving very good stability.

A rather curved scoop rocker delivers soft gliding and surfing performances.

To allow some "further-upwind" action, we have fitted a central Power-Box, just aft of the mast-foot, that small "keel" really helps in light wind sailing and for new windsurfers as they find their feet.

Scoop line: curved
Wide and compact outline: early planing, manoeuvrability, liveliness, control
Rails: voluminous and tucked under forward, for more manoeuvrability, forgiveness and good lift in the surf.
Continuous V: maximizes glide in the non-planing transitions and manoeuvrability.
Double concave bottom: helps the board's accelerations by flattening the scoop-line.
Twin Fins: for manoeuvrability and lightness of the surfing attitudes in lower wind range.
Central fin/dagger-board (pre-fitted Power Box): Just fit any spare fin for stability, ease of Uphauling and up-wind help for beginners.


Volume (litres) 152
Width (cm) 75.6
One Foot Off (cm) 59.8
Length (cm) 274
Weight 9.5kg
Fin boxes US box
Fins (cm) AHD Twins 19.5 or 21
Recom. size (cm) 16 - 23
Recom. sails (sqm) 2.5 / 8.0

Colours may vary - please give us a call to check what we have in stock.