AHD Rebound 103 Windsurf Board - brand new, still in box

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New Rebound 103

Slightly wider than our previous model, in order to maximise its planing ability, our new 103 has also got the latest " New Rebound " tail. The forward end of the board is now slightly narrower than it was, though.

While remaining harmonious and balanced, its outline is now, therefore, slightly more curved, which improves maneuverability without losing any of the board potential in the lower wind range.

On the water:

While being very close to the old model, the New Rebound 103 is now more reactive in light winds, while retaining a good controllability.

It will offer you straight accelerations and more speed.
This is very easy performing board, able to sail all spots and surf waves, too, in lighter winds.

Scoop line: First rockered then flatter further aft, it guarantees excellent speed with control.

Tail kick: to enhance the reactivity to your aft-foot pressure in the surfs.
Compact outline: early planing, maneuverability, liveliness, control, extended sailing range.

Balanced outline: provides forgiveness with early planing.

Rails: quite voluminous and tucked under forward to enhance maneuverability and forgiveness.

Double concave bottom: will boost the acceleration by straightening the scoop line.

Model New Rebound

Volume (litres) 103
Width (cm) 63
One Foot Off (cm) 39
Length (cm) 248
Fin (cm) Powerbox WFS27
Rec. Fin sizes (cm) 25 - 31
Recom. sails (sqm) 4.5/7.5