AHD 2020 Thunderbolt with AFS Hydrofoil

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Dedicated to windfoiling, AHD is proud to welcome the Thunderbolts into its family!


Eager to give the best answer to a practice evolving constantly, we took the time necessary to develop a shape whose parameters are fully answering essential requirements of demanding riders.


  • One Shot Sandwich
  • Double carbon sandwich


Modèles Thunderbolt 75 Thunderbolt 85 Thunderbolt 91
Volume 130 L 145 L 165 L
Length 235 cm 226 cm 224 cm
Width 75 cm 85 cm 91 cm
Weight 8,5 kgs 8,7 kgs 8,9 kgs
Fin Deep Tuttle (not provided) Deep Tuttle (not provided) Deep Tuttle (not provided)
Footstrap MFC (or equivalent) MFC (or equivalent) MFC (or equivalent)


The most versatile windsurf foil

The perfect balance: comfortable and effective.

A windfoil that will take you far

The Wind 95 could be called «AFS-2 perf», but it’s still easy. The profile of the shaft has been modified, its length has been increased, and its stiffness is unequaled.

This reduces the risk of «touch» and increases the angle to gain performance downwind as upwind. The new stabilizer providing more support at all speeds. Driving is safer at high speeds and on rough water.

The fuselage is the same as that of the AFS-2, for a perfect stability / trajectories / Vmax ratio.

The F-700 wings are really versatile. They have a really big range of use, efficient at all paces, beam reach, close reach, broad reach…from light to high winds. You can complete the set by adding the F-800, for ultra-lightwinds /or heavy weights, or the F-700s, if you want the maximum speed from medium to high winds.

Tech Specs:

  • Shaft length : 950 mm
  • Shaft length : 885 mm
  • Weight : 4,0 kgs env
  • Construction : Hollow technology Full carbon Prepreg T700 & T800

WIndsurf Foil Freeride-Freerace

The AFS Wind 95 will allow you to start and align with all the competitions of foil without complexes.

A high-end construction

Windsurf foil the most versatile on the market, the AFS Wind 95 is also manufactured in France, at Foil And Co (next to Brest). We bring the greatest attention to all these little details that make a great product.