AFS1 Windsurf Board and Carbon Foil

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AFS1 Windsurf Board and Carbon Foil

Whats in the package

1 x AFS1 Foilboard with 4 footstraps and screws

1 x AFS1 carbon foil


True to their commitment to innovate, and once more ahead of another revolution in windsurfing, the AHD team entered the foiling scene well before all but the most extreme sailors or the Kiting world were thinking about flying above the waves. After years of tests and trials to ensure they were offering their regular customers the optimum equipment with which to get them planing in ridiculously light winds with their normal 7 to 7.5m rigs, they launched their own foiling machine the AFS-1 'Shark' board and Foil in 2012. 

The AHD AFS-1 is clearly the only hydrofoil to have been designed and developed, from scratch, for the constraints and specific requirements in low energy Wind Foiling and SUP Foiling. 

Want to discover unique new sensations and fly from just 4 knots wind speeds?

That's what the AFS-1 offers you!


The foil's fuselage is voluminous too. This provides that little extra float, which allows taking-off even earlier and flying longer through lulls. Wings are wide, their profiles thick, their twist carefully designed to enhance power, lift, stability and tolerance. The winglets regulate the water flow on the wings to maximise power and generate the lift needed for taking off earlier.

You will now easily I'm sure, visualise the applied forces and stresses to which the foil and board are subject to! No Compromise Full carbon construction and reinforcements have been compulsory to achieve the lightness/strength mix required to get a 110 L board, rider and rig up and flying in 4 to 15 knots of wind with a 7sqm sail.

Everything is optimised for your pleasure straight out of the box. The foil takes a few seconds to put together and requires no tools - you simply use your normal large cross head fin screwdriver to secure the head into board and you are ready to fly 

Manoeuvrability 50%
Speed 90%
Planning 100%
Accessibility 40%